Monday, June 21, 2004

It seems I was somewhat premature

He's back, and bringing the world a unique take on the lives of Leopard Seals, etc ad nauseam. This time it's from Australia, where Mr. "Lukey" D. will try and outdo Badgerwatch in the wildlife boredom stakes.

The Land Down Under, however, is an odd place for such a, er, webcast, for three reasons:

1) He said to me on numerous occasions that the denizens of Oz were drunken, humourless bores. True Fact.
2) Has threatened on several occasions to put the proffered Vegemite sandwich "where the sun don't shine".
3) Has confessed that his long-repeated claim to have relatives there cannot be true since he was birthed by Peruvian Manatees.

Still, you decide...


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