Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Is That A Life Preserver?

Surveillance: 4 train. Every stop between Nevins and 14th Street. Stupendously psyched out man wearing one of those stupid woolly Spin Doctors hats over a Yankees hat, with one pant leg rolled up and naked from the waist up except for a body warmer. At each station, as the doors of the car closed, he would start screaming obscenities and exhortations "to stay out of my sh*t" at the nearest person in the car wearing a trenchcoat. At Wall Street, as you can imagine, the cacophony became unbearable. He started calling all the white guys in trenchcoats the n-word, and they weren't really in a position to correct him.

After Fulton Street, he started screaming "slut" at the women waiting on the platform. We lost interest then. We've gotten too used to raving misogyny from our crazies. We listened to Give A Monkey A Brain And He'll Swear He's The Center Of The Universe by Fishbone instead. The song? Not Drunk Skitzo, more's the pity.


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