Monday, January 26, 2009

Cope's Corner

I had planned in the next couple of months to write a long old article about stoner rock, and how it really can be enjoyed by people who aren't stoners. But this morning I chanced upon this review of Sleep's "Dopesmoker" by Julian Cope. This has led me to two conclusions:

1) Maybe you do need to indulge to enjoy this music at its best
2) Maybe I don't need to buy a fancy old turntable right now.
3) Maybe I should stop trying to write about weird music at all

Here's an excerpt:

"Although the double vinyl artwork is huge, gatefold, magnificent, the CD version of DOPESMOKER is the best option overall because you can get utterly narnered once you’ve put it on and not have to get up for almost an hour and ten."

I was present during an interesting workplace conversation the other day. One of my colleagues swore blind that the long digressions into the history of 80s rock in American Psycho are not meant to be read at all, but skipped over my the reader, so long as they have absorbed sufficiently the idea that the narrator is an obsessive compulsive, although why the reader would not have picked up on that before then I do not know.

So, read Mr. Cope, listen at Mr. Robixxx' place, and death to false doomers


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