Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Take Me out To The Bazaar-Park

So, I went to the home opener of the mighty Brooklyn Cyclones , and they manged to fart and stumble their way to a 4-3 win over the Upstarts from Upstate, the Hudson Valley Renegades. (Speaking of upstate idiots, the Beer Drinking Fools are playing their last show ever at the Acme Underground in NYC Friday. A couple of months back they were being heckled about coming from Schenectady, and took it badly, depsite it being utterly untrue. Still, troopers and all that)

Single A baseball is super-kewl, despite being a pet project of Mayor G, although home runs are as rare as rocking horse doo-doo. It also has ultra-rare ads that you never see up in the more rarified sections of Brooklyn, as well as namechecks for neighborhoods you never hear mentioned on NY1 . And somehow the fact that everything is for sale just makes it more charming, unlike the Nextel call to the bullpen on MLB games, or whatever. Probably because the businesses are mostly more niche. Although the poor Hudson Valley designated hitter probably did not want to be forever associated in the minds of the Coney baseball afficionados with Papa John's pizza.

Final rant. Those Ed Koch "Be nice to the Republicans when they come into town" ads. Did anyone do any marketing research into whether jumping up and down like a meth-loco gibbon at poor people from Texas asking for directions was a good response? There are some people who would only be elected in NY, and scare the holy f***ing crap out of mortals. Trust me.


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