Tuesday, August 24, 2004

I Dream Of Jezebel

We promised ourselves we'd stay away from the intense internecine warfare in the Def Leppard blogging community. A mixture of bad karma, the possible threat of being caught in an old-fashioned flame war, and the fact that we should be keeping an eye on police-driven fear in NYC before the convention (actually we're safer now, apparently) are the main reasons.Then a post that isn't from either of you comes winging over.

Valerie draws our attention to her most recent musings. Her pet theory is that the Tauntings Of The Juke Joint Jezebel are not those of a Brit, but an American, possibly Jeanne. Now Gringcorp has little to offer by way of Jeanne-authentication, but we can sniff a limey out pretty thoroughly.

While we understand that there has been much comment in the Lepblogging community on the correct use of sh*t against sh*te (excuse our modesty), Jezebel's use of the latter seems to be easy and unforced, and very British. Also, no American with anything beyond a superficial grasp of politics would rely on CNN for their news - not when there are excellent commentators like ourselves out there. So, we'll have to contradict you there Valerie even if you are our fourth reader.

So, we should try and get back into the whole Kerry war thing to rebolster our gravitas. If you dig it, for intemperance few exchanges can match the Michelle Malkin/Chris Matthews spat (we'll link to her version here).

but we'll leave you with news that Queen are the ones that have been chosen to bring rock to Iran. We think that rock pigs everywhere can salute that.

Gringcorp is off to another continent till Sunday. Stay nice.


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