Friday, August 20, 2004

Kickin' It

We've decided to stay on this pre-convention fear-cranking tip, because the New York Times has now decided to take over the wheel. Yes, the article in question, asking what mischief the scary anarchists might be planning, is mercifully short on anonymous police department sources. But, it has still decided that trashing Starbucks (sorry, "damaging businesses") and chucking rocks are the logical progressions from staging sit-ins at corporate parties and yelling at delegates.

Prime example - the way that public protest leaders have said "if the cops do this, and the idiots do this, then there's going to be trouble", is rarely taken as a call for responsible policing tactics. Moreover, the protestors can't promise there won't be any trouble, because no-one will deal with them ever again if things go wrong. The cops, though, get insurance for being sooooper bad-ass. Apparently it worked in Miami, and Newsday likes the heavy metal style just fine.

We'd like to comment clearly about the Guided By Voices show at Pier 54 last night, but have never seen or hear the work of Mr. Pollard's crew before. Suffice to say we loved the tunes and the weather, hated the lack of booze at the event, but noticed that most of the punters seemed to get what they came for, especially the guy who sang along with all the words, only before Robby-boy even sang them. Think Inconsiderate Cellphone Man, only indie.

Props to the Brass Monkey nearby, surprisingly decent drinking in the Meatpacking District.

Tomorrow, what does Lyndon Larouche have on Robert Cooper?


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That's my dad in that photo!


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