Thursday, October 07, 2004


Looks like we may not have spotted young Jayson Blair in Union Square the other day, if this nugget from Lloyd Grove is to be believed.

We find ourselves worryingly close to agreement with the truly awful Dan Aquilante on the subject of last night's Wilco show. It did sort of lack bite, but the playing and music was really impressive. Possible that Dan was lying his incompetent ass off, though, and wasn't there, since he insists that the crowd only stood up towards the end. From where we were, we saw the entire ground floor stand up for the first note, and they stayed that way till the end. Very impressive sight it was too, although we have never seen such a white, male, sensibly-dressed crowd in our lives. If Nick Hornby had his own convention, this would be it.

It could be that Dan sent Deborah Orin, or one of the Post's other drivel-factories along instead, because at the end he starts babbling witlessly about Tweedy being political:

Unfortunately, Tweedy mucked up the music by bringing in politics.

During the encore, he urged everyone to vote, and then spoiled his sage advice by insulting and demeaning those who didn't agree with his anti-Bush stand as being "in need of therapy."

That mind-set derailed what was otherwise a good show.

Well Dan justed mucked up a perfectly awful review by soiling it with Michelle Malkin-esque nonsense.


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