Thursday, December 16, 2004

LaRouche You Got Nothing

The regular Gumby Fresh reader will be aware of our diligent pursuit of the secret cabals behind the way we live. We have shed some light on the LaRouche organisation, and its unique perspective on the Special Relationship. To whit, that because Lyndon's wife left him for a Limey the Duke of Edinburgh is a drug smuggler. Quod Erat Duh-monstratum.

But the old country has yielded up still even more fruits. Or at least nannies. Cos nannies aren't fruits. Not even the Robin Williams ones. Or even the ones that have limey accents, like Mary Poppins. Although, we must add, the appearance of a new stage version is the most suspcicious coincidence we've seen since noting the relationships between judicial murder levels and having Allawi or Bush as your leader.

We note that both Bernard Kerik and UK Home secretary were brought low within days by their undocumented nannies. Since we are ordinarily in a work permit-less state (although not at present), we have certain amount of sympathy for the domestics sticking it to the man. We don't think we can quite yet declare the dictatorship of the proletariat (we think the minor gentry still have to have a shake at the top spot in the class war sweepstakes)

First, to Bernie, who it seems was not unconnected to a lot of dubious stuff as a prison officer, and was rather fun of tumultuous pasionate affairs that ended up going badly wrong. The first, as Mr. Marshall is noting, is rather more important, since it could be that Kerik didn't actually have a nanny. Which would make sense because he is a rather cuddly chap.

Second, Blunkett was getting on fine with arranging visas for his lover’s nanny, until he started screaming about his colleagues being incompetent and singing Fred Astaire songs.

So the international sisterhood of nannies is not quite at first blood, we fear. Full disclosure - contrary to popular rumour we were not raised by a nanny. More a wandering tribe of indie-rock druids.

British politicians win the week’s insanity prize, though, thanks to Annabelle. Rock pig.


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