Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Insane NY1 Tidbits

NY1 has decided to send a correspondent to Jerusalem to follow mayor Mike as he represents the US at the opening of a Holocaust museum. Mr. Bloomberg sounds much less nasal and much more aw-shucks, than normal. "Live updates" following later today.

Save The Plaza has packed more pitiful shots of children that will miss the Plaza hotel than you'd think possible. Pity The Children! Not the Plaza! Although the tea is rather fine.

Ads for rather shady-looking diet-loss supplement Thyrin ATC. We'd like to discuss the merits of this quack potion, which is a "thyroid-specific adjunct", that might help us lose weight, but it has not bothered to put any FAQ up. Needless to say, and as a slightly overweight person with lowered thyroid function, we are overjoyed at the prospect of the desperate and lazy non-thyroid suffers crowding out us desperate and lazy thyroid sufferers from doctor's clinics.

Off to Hong Kong today. More pictures and despair to follow.


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