Tuesday, March 08, 2005

The Opera Isn't Over Till Knebworth Gets Referenced

We're bored, we're grumpy, we just came out of a nasty bout of the day job, and maybe the cold we're nursing is screwing with our cortex. In any case, it's time to disagree with the Instapundit again. Which is a tad unfair because Glenn appears to be wearing the red-and-white cape of the Master of Levantine Whimsy today.

Resplendent on his site is a skinny young lady standing out of a crowd of Hezbollah supporters, sporting the enthusiasm, and dress sense, of an early-80's Genesis fan.

But it is fascinating how slowly the leftier blogs took to the story, sniffing around, taking stock of the process. We wouldn't call it grudging, but it's possible that they shared our ancient assumptions that the place was a nasty little tinderbox.

And, of course, now we have Mr Drum, who we would probably eat after Glenn if crashed in the Andes (although we mean no disrespect by this comparison) with some polling data from Lebanon. And it mostly says that paranoia is a many-splendoured thing, and that the Druze really are as cuddly as they first appear.

We don't quite buy the superior numbers of the Muslim demonstration, since if there's one thing that political parties with paramilitary wings are good at it's getting people to go where you tell them. But can we admit that calling one set of demonstrators the thwarted will of the entire Lebanese people when the other side have more bodies and more guns might cause you some trouble?


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