Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Insert Saccharine Beatles Song Title Here

In whose interest, exactly, was the hand-holding Bush-Abdullah picture taken? It does allow Wonkette to whinny with pleasure at combining high politics with illicit acts, but abosultely no-one else finds this picture useful. We're sure the Saudis asked for it, confident in the knowledge that it sure as hell wouldn't end up anywhere near their newspapers. It does, we guess, signal to investors and markets that they're still relevant.

But they would, we imagine, have gladly dispensed with the photo-op if Team Bush begged them not to. So what's in it for Dubya? He can get some points maybe for propping up an elderly ally, literally, rather than geopolitically. Again, maybe signal to the markets that he's got some juice with the swing producer of OPEC. Except that the swing producer may have lost that swing

In 2003, when Bush visited the UK on a state visit, Jonathan Freedland wondered aloud why on earth Bush had been invited to hang with the Queen when the prevaiiling wisdom was that Bush was somewhat toxic electorally. Freedland supposed that Bush basicaly wanted to collect a picture of the Prez and Mrs. Quinn together, although we don't remember the pictures forming part of the 2004 campaign adverts.

The same can't be said for these pictures. Expect the Democrats to be all over these images in 2006, dubious undertones be damned.


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