Friday, April 08, 2005

The Sacred And The Profane

Up early this morning to get some exercise, and we caught the Pope's funeral on NY1 (note to top news execs - give John Schiumo a satellite phone so he doesn't have to share the same crowded frequencies as the hoi polloi and get cut off). It did remind us of the Oscars in a peculiar way, with all the world celebrities milling around outside waiting for the action to start. Only it was a group of political celebrities, so we got Condoleeza air-kissing evryone instead of Nicole Kidman, and Star Jones was not able to sidle up to Gerhard Schroeder and pretend they were best friends.

While we're on important subjects, can we explain trolls to Michelle Malkin? She was very upset about someone dropping the C-Bomb all over her over at Political Animal's comments section. She was being wilfully naive in taking umbrage at the moniker, since, presumably, she avoids allowing comments because they'd be full of troils making her look stupid. Like she needs some help or something.


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