Monday, May 30, 2005

It's A Husker Du Song, Only, Ya Know, Third Person

So, we’re reminded of the episoode of South Park from the seventh series, where Cartman’s hand turns into Jennifer Lopez. Not the extremely dodgy hispanic stereotypes, which makes you laugh along nervously like the hip liberal you are. Not the gratuitous insults at poor Jenny, which made us laugh loudly like the metalhead we are. Those are important elements, mind, and you can sing along here.

No, we’re more jarred by the whole “is Cartman for real?” narrative. How Stan and Kyle are determined not to believe that Cartman’s hand is possessed by an ambitious Latina diva. And Cartman is prepared to allow Ben Affleck to deflower his hand rather than give up the game. In the end, ultraviolence and a near inundation of semen forces both sides to come to their senses. But not before

If you think this is a rather hamfisted and tendentious way of referring to some of our more recent unkind statements about Banana Nutrament, then you would be right. And if you think the analogy is entirely constructed from wack, then you’d also be right.

But it is definitely time to stop banging on about whether the cohorts of said blog exist and start going on about how we totally disagree with the odd choice of mp3. At least we will as soon as we have any room at all on our hard disk to copy said chunes to.

So, our apologies, Mig-Hell. We will assume the posts sincere whenever we mention them.



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