Monday, May 23, 2005

Punch Buddy

We really, honestly, completely need to do our day job today. And yes, we have heard about this new disturbance in the blog force, thousands of hep voices kinda mumbling in unison. But it will have to keep. We just wanted to bring you this little gem of a correction from the Observer. Proof, as if any were needed, that the New York media world isn't the world, even to those living in other media worlds:

"Our profile of Arianna Huffington (Focus, last week) identified Arthur Schlesinger Jr as the publisher of the New York Times. He is the distinguished historian; Arthur O Sulzberger Jr is the publisher. Apologies.".

Or shall we paraphrase Michael Keaton's character Henry Hackett from top Ron Howard-helmed journalism melodrama The Paper, as remembered on this little review:

Oh yeah? Well guess f***in' what? I don't really f***in' care! You wanna know f***in' why? Because I don't live in the f***in' world, I live in New York City! So go f*** yourself!

For the ninetieth time, Gringcorp regrets being such a fundamentalist on the "asterisks for swearing" policy.


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