Monday, May 16, 2005

Sithy Fits

We haven't seen the new Star Wars Filum yet, what with us being a member of the public, and all that. But we're going to love it, same as we loved the last two. We get very confused by Thirtysomething hacks trying to convince us that the original three (or at least first two) were these mythical bits of filmmaking whose legacy is trampled upon by the special FX and muppets of the latest two.

Or, to put it more honestly. They have had to restroactively reclassify the kids' films they love as classics to justify their present-day fetishization. The only case we ever hear for the theory seems to rest on the fact that the first Star Wars was made in the same decade as taxi Driver, and there were quite a few namechecks for Lucas in the Biskind book. Such monkeyclowns often namecheck venerable Japanese directors to prove the point, and Lucas encourages them in this.

Bully for the Times, then, for saying, and we paraphrase somewhat loosely here "it's an absolutely awesome KIDS film, better than that Thornberry crap any day. Plus it looks awesome, and doesn't have a happy ending." Actually, we're paraphrasing maybe too loosely here, since Mr. Scott seems to be saying it's a great film in its own right, but does chart quite a convincing middle course between bitching about the stupid baddie characters and bleating about what Peter Bogdanovich would make of it. What he is definitely saying is that the spaceships, fights, explosions and evilness are all present and correct.

So we're going. As ultra-rare unsuccessful bounty hunter Dengar. We like to see Dengar as the Hellacopters to Bob Fett's The Hives - not as stylish, and not as fast, but much more evil.

Tiny respeck due to the Times, none whatsover to this chappie from Vice writing in the Brooklyn Rail. iPod face-offs? The Shins? The L Train? Too horrendous to contemplate. We mention it not to implore you to read it, just to spare us the torment of a forwarded link from Mig-Hell.


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