Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Fly The Euro Skies

We had thought that with the departure of Prince Rainier, and the responsibilities that this would impose upon his offspring, we would be hearing less of the unbelievably trashy antics of Monaco's royal family. But the Grimaldis are a fountain of sleaze that just keeps on giving.

We have remarked before that the rulers of the Monegasques pioneered a sort of barely-dignified scandal suited to a certain type of middlebrow glossy magazine. Nothing too tawdry, but still agreeably debased. Prince Albert, the new ruler, we had heard was a bit more dull. Nyuh-huh.

The dirty old bugger has apparently fathered a love-child with a Togolese flight attendant, sez the Beeb. Hallelujah, sez we, since we had assumed that the sixties sex scandal that was shagging transportation personnel had gone the way of the dodo. In fact, even top playboy Tony Curtis was unable to properly evoke the thrill of affairs with trolly dollies, in noted stinker Boeing (707) Boeing (707).

So, top work Albert, in ushering back in the ridicule that this tax-dodgers' statelet so richly deserves.


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