Wednesday, June 29, 2005

We 'Ate The Tab

Sporting Chancers
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As you might have been able to tell, the walk down St Bride Street between Bloomsbury and Blackfriars is a central part of our working day when in London. When we get towards the end there is a newsagent/newsstand on the right. We always glance over at the papers, really just to get an idea of what's playing in the mmarketplace of popular opinion. Especially if we don't catch the round-up on Newsnight.

But our attention is always caught by the expanse of female flesh towards the right. We say always, because the second paper from the right always carries an expanse of female flesh. And this is because the newsagent always puts the Daily Sport in this position.

The Sport, founded by wide-boy pornographer David Sullivan, knows there is a fine line between cheeky, leering tabloid sleaze and full-blown filth. And veers wildly over it. Founded in 1986, it originally carved out a niche as a less responsible version of The Sun, but now exists as an advertisement for Sullivan's porn ventures. What we can't get, not for the life of us, is why the newsagent puts it in such a prominent position, unless it is to trick the subconscious of casual passersby into driving them inside.

On another note, we shall be back in New York City, the city so great Jon Spencer namechecked it a thousand times, from tomorrow. So we go back to being a limeyblogger again. Huzzzah.


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