Wednesday, August 17, 2005

I Am The God Of Hellfire And I Bring You Whimsy

Rilly rilly rilly need to do day job today, so two nuggets.

The first is news that the mighty Lincoln Cathedral (slogan: "one of the finest gothic buildings in Europe") has done what Westminster Abbbey is too snooty to do: accept money from Ron Howard. Howard, who makes some occasionally gripping movies despite grappling with the twin diabilities of being ginger and having a combover, wants to film the epically sh*tey The DaVinci Code in a real English cathedral.

But Westminster, forgetting its glorious past as a focal point for anti-Catholic feeling, has decided that the book is too offensive to its fellow Christians to countenance. Either that, or it considers the book unmitigated drivel. We hope it's the latter. The Dean of Lincoln, on the other hand, realising that insanely old churches don't repair themselves, took the generous donation, allowed in the cameras, and then labelled the book "far-fetched and heretical" as soon as the cheque had cleared. Top.

The big difference, we suspect, is that Lincoln has to work it that little bit harder than Westminster. Lincoln, county town for the ancestral lands of the Gringcorp clan, is located off the major motorways, and offers few attractions other than a square mile or so of (admittedly very pretty) medieval buildings. The cathedral has always been fairly creative with its marketing, once inventing a "Lincoln Zoo" exhibition based around the number of animals included in its stone carvings. At least one eight year-old was entertained by the conceit.

The other nib was sent to us from a limey associate. It references the recent industrial action at British Airways. It works better as an email with the subject line:

BA Still On Strike

And the following picture attached:

We laughed for quite literally seconds.


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