Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Peel Closely And Mangle

So, whoever it was at the Murdoch Times that went over John Peel's double super secret list of his favourite singles ever, they evidently aren't garage rock fans. Which is a shame because Mr. Peel was. We had no idea he was such a Detroit Hag. In fact, remembering how fond he could be of both meandering hippie noodle-mongering, and extreme Teutonic noise, that we suspect that this actually just his double super secret box of favourite garage rock singles ever. Mark our words, there's a wooden box of nosebleed techno platters under the floorboards waiting for the right relative.

Yay, obviously, to the Quo, and enough props to Italy Records. Monstrous misspelling of the Greenhornes, and the Hentchmen. If the Times Of London needs a very reasonably priced, and suitably expensively educated, garage rock consultant, we're not up to anything much right now.

(Via Stereogum, whose preloaded iPod nano idea we think is hell neat.)


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