Tuesday, October 18, 2005

John Hannah: Not So Craggy

Well, we've probably left it a wee bit late to elaborate on all the mecha-trendy eateries we've frequented, so-so pulp filums we've gawped at, and devastatingly trendy bands we've scoped.

As for the whole wanker trying to destroy our neighbourhood business, if you happen to be near downtown Brooklyn today, go remonstrate with the hacks.

Nyup, we'll be cutting edge a moment here, with the news that a John Hannah might have flipped in the Plame investigation. No, not that John Hanna, nor John Hannah.

Which makes finding a picture of the tinker a tad difficult. Rest assured, if he did squeal, and looks anywhere near as pimpy as Mr. Felt, you shall have a new mugshot up there on the top right sharpish.


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