Saturday, November 26, 2005


  • George Best. RIP. Was much better to football than it was to him. The reason we even mention the game is that he made it sound so fun.

  • Marty Markowitz doing something not contemptible, by reminding Time Magazine that a profile of neo-Nazi tween pop sensations Prussian Blue that doesn't mention the neo-Nazi bit is sick and wrong.

  • Big up to the Smithsonian National Air Space Museum, in particular the excellent aerial photography of Brooklyn, impressive diagrams of WWII Pacific carrier battles, and the ginormous hanging planes. Not so keen on the miasma of strollers, the "aerodynamics is fun!" free-for-all, and the computers-are-the-future from 1990, as exemplified by Iridium!

  • Blue Ribbon Sushi delivers. Bugger. Kiku, of course, is both cheaper and nearer, but BRS speaks to our inner rock pig. Expect a selling of tainted limey blood scam, so as to pay for the pretty pricey sushi, soon.

  • Madam's Organ and house band Patrick Alban & Noche Latina. Sorry we took so long on the pool table. We were rather drunk.

  • Er, well done, Mig-Hole

Pixies - "Space (I Believe In)
But it here. But see if you still like space after the nineteenth stroller jam at the Smithsonian. Feh.


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