Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Hmmm, absolutely nothing to report this morning. Slightly hungover after a night out at one of the dwindling band of scummy bars around Union Square. We think that among the subjects broached last evening was journalistic probity, and how to communicate this to a new boy. And then look what happened to that nice Nixon-toppling Bob Woodward?

Turns out Mr. Woodward, having spent much of the last few weeks making inexplicable attacks on the Plame investigation, was embroiled in the whole sordid mess all along. Those weird hagiographies of the president he's been apt to produce have often been excused by his peers because of the occasional interesting detail they dredge up. That, and the fact that Robert Redford played him in All The President's Men. Now we fear it's Miller time.

But you may be more interested in beats. And we have something here from Midfield General, aka Damian Harris, the boss of Skint Records. Named after every football player that ever dominated the centre of the field, Harris presumably earned a few bob from putting out Fatboy Slim records. He was thus the evil genius behind big beat, which put people with enormous record collections at the service of Oasis-loving nutters, and brought booze back into the UK's clubs in a big way.

We'd always thought of Mr. Harris as the meat n' two veg of big beat, and certainly Go Off, which appeared on the Essential Skint collection, was not that inspiring. But top volvo-driving, BA-loving Tory techno powerhouse Dave Clarke we do like. He marries beat thuggery to technical brilliance like no other. When we picked up his World Service mix tape super cheap, our favourite tune was this:

Midfield General - "Coatnoise (Dave Clarke remix)"
Buy "World Service" here and pay full price, suckas


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