Friday, April 14, 2006

Molly's Coddled

Blogging here will be as light today as it has been everywhere else. I don't even have any pictures for you.

But wait! It gets even better! I'm going off on one of those periodic road trips to the magical orient.

I've already discovered that my Cingular-packing Nokia 3100 (Your phone? It is like that of a CHILD) will not work anywhere east of the Straits of Hormuz. It's increasingly likely that connectivity will be an interesting and frustrating affair. Still, with luck I will have a few pictures from time to time.

In the meantime, we hope, that like the good lord Jesus Christ, top limey cat Molly comes out of her cave at Myers of Keswick in time for Easter. Latest is that she's still in there. I say truly, she is a Coma Baby for our times.

The feebly topical musical post came down to these finalists:

Primus - Tommy The Cat (Pros: from the Bill + Ted Soundtrack. Cons: the stoopid trapped cat isn't called Tommy)
Husker Du - How To Skin a Cat (Pros: discordant, urgent. Cons: would make Gothamist go "eeewwww", the stoopid cat ain't nekkid)
The Kills - Cat's Claw (this is reaching, I'll grant you)

The winner is...our old friends at the Blues Explosion

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - "Wet Cat Blues"
Buy "Mo Width" here. I understand it's Australian. But this may be THE exception to your reasonably-founded boycott.


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