Monday, January 29, 2007

Clintonian Slip

I am in a world of dayjob, but rather than sitting in the lavs and waiting for the drill sargent to come by, I will leave you with this slightly tart observation. Hilary Clinton made most of the morning news show's headlines with this remark from Iowa, where she trails badly to the other democratic candidates for president:

"We should expect him to extricate our country from [Iraq] before he leaves office."

The context of this remark makes it clear that Hilary Clinton claims to be speaking on behalf of the American public. Now Hilary may be many things - smart, determined, capable, frightening - but an average Joe she is not. The first thing I thought on hearing this, and I haven't even attempted to read the whole lot, was "why on earth would she basically vocalise the understandable fear of Democrats to get lumped with a hideous mess in Iraq at the end of the Bush administration?"

It seems like only yesterday when such talk would have resulted in the Dems being labelled as weak pantywaisters unfit to send American troops to their deaths. Now it's proof of a no-nonsense approaching to confronting the bush administration. I'm confused.

Still, I'll let her off. For starters, I have yet to see a flattering picture of her on the front page of any major newspaper, so I think its fair to say that her framing is still running pretty heavily in the negative direction?

Who does noted non-citizen, yet permanent resident Gari N. Corp endorse for Democratic candidate? OBAMA. He's pretty much the only one of them that talks like a sodding grown-up.


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