Monday, March 26, 2007

All You Old Time Slopers Move Along

I am really indecently proud of securing the map you see below. I'm extremely surprised that more real estate brokers don't hand this out to the suckaz moving to the neighbourhood and wanting to know where PS321 is. In fact, I am confidently going to predict that this is going to be the number one source of traffic to this shoddy blog. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you... the Park Slope School district map, courtesy of the Department of Education.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
I should note, for those of you interested in such matters, that I do not intend to spawn forthwith, just that such considerations are material when buying property [Larger size is here].

And for your yuppie twofer, I finally swung over, chaperoned by Mrs. Cutesome, to Alchemy, which has better food, and an older crowd, than either its name or decor would suggest. Yes, Chowhound stooges, the chickpeas are good, as was the Guinness Sticky Pudding.

In fact, it was all good, and the owners are going to be millionaires, but I'll confess that the idea of a "gastropub" in New York City strikes me as faintly peculiar. In this instance, the owners just set up a pretty good restaurant in a casual environment. In the UK, gastropubs are all about taking perfectly good sleazy drinking holes and turning them into this morass of stripped pine with occasionally good food. I don't think Alchemy's geniuses want any part of such a movement, although the idea of taking Jackie's Fifth Amendment and giving it over to wankery is superficially entertaining.


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