Friday, June 01, 2007

Craven Non-A Class Shares

Between the news that the rather meek family that controls the Wall Street Journal is thinking of selling it to Rupert Murdoch after all, and Bush making a major speech on the importance of reducing carbon emissions, Felix Salmon must be feeling like a dog with two peckers, as the colourful southern argot would have it. I suggest you head there for educated comment, pausing here only to linger briefly on the fruits of my childlike Quark skillz.

Any lingering hope that the Journal's buyer will be a warm and fuzzy, inexplicably well-capitalised, trust is pretty much evaporating. Shares in Dow Jones, which owns the Journal, are now trading even higher than the offer price, which few thought any other buyer would match. This time next year, we could have a former editor of Bizarre! calling the shots on Wall Street. After all, one of them has already ended up as Tory leader David Cameron's right hand man.

If you're part of the old-time rants about metal constituency, rather than the new school rants about business constituency, head over to Sugarzine, where a lucid, if less-than thorough Mastodon review is up.

[Photo pinched from Bloggerheads with all due respect]


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