Monday, May 14, 2007

The Beer Mobile

The Beer Mobile
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Posting has been light, a victim of the monthly day job publication cycle. After a full afternoon spent scouring the city for some gifts for Mrs. Cutesome (Sample quote, from a Russian sales clerk at Saks Fifth Avenue, "No, we do not have that. This is a luxury goods store. Maybe you should try Macys") I spied a beer truck on my own block.

And it belonged to my new favourite brewery. Since I no longer drink Brooklyn Lager, I have become increasingly fond of Sixpoint's beers. I even went to the brewery to do a tour the other day. Very good it was too, and I was very close to writing about it on a professional basis, but nothing became of it.

Still, I'd love to know what their van was doing on my own block yesterday, and what I could do to procure a keg from them.


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