Sunday, September 30, 2007

It Can Defeat The Beatles But Not The Choking

So, I was unfortunate enough to be present when the Mets confounded the conventional wisdom and went 5-12 in their last 17 games, and I went 0-4 in my visits to Shea Stadium this year. I'd steadfastly ignored the game yesterday, and they'd managed to win 13-0. Today I got to the stadium this afternoon nice and early, and was rewarded with a seven-run bloodbath before even locating my first beer.

Not only was I treated to old man Glavine putting the game out of reach before the end of the first inning, not only was the Mets' hitting utterly lacklustre, but I had to sit through three hours of wailing, shouting, grunting, whining hate speech from the knuckle-dragging guidos that make up much of the population of the upper tier at Shea Stadium. I can but hope, as I mentioned to one Yankees-supporting noise terror blogger, that they get the new stadium up as quickly as possible, with suitably soothing decor for the rampaging guidos.

I was thinking of segueing into something I wanted to say about Burma, but I lack the gumption. See above.


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