Thursday, December 06, 2007

Stoner Rock and Peacey Hip-Hop

Still, busy, and unlikely to be able to relax until the end of the month. You see above the view from my hotel in Sao Paulo, which was far from distinguished, though the hotel was pretty good for the price. The city? The eating was good, and it was fun having sushi with the bass-player from Spearhead one night, but I was unable to find much beauty amid the traffic and miasma of meetings. My bad, mostly.

It's been a while since I posted a link to a Sugarzine column, which is a shame, because that's now a huge proportion of my posting volume. The reason for the delay is a rejig of the site to make it more focused on Queens, which I think is a noble and sensible direction, given how much Brooklyn hogs the city's cultural limelight.

It means though, that since I only set foot in Queens about twice a year, and am very bad and meeting the other writers, that my contribution to the site may become more limited. So, here's a horribly dated column on the fine stoner rock band Weedeater, who stood me up the other night in the East Village. It may be my last.


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