Friday, May 23, 2008

Slick Is Saved

So, hip-hop pioneer Slick Rick has received a pardon from New York's legally blind playboy governor David Paterson. Coming on the heels of his "I love you Hilary, but you're looking rather ridiculous please please drop out of the race already" pronouncement, it's making me very fond of him.

Why did Paterson decide that it was necessary to overturn Ricky Walters' 1991 attempted murder conviction? Because Rick was in danger of being deported to Great Britain, where he had lived until the age of 11. Now I shouldn't make light of the dislocation that comes from immigration troubles. I've had 'em meself.

But still, one can imagine the petitions that went forth about the perils of a hip-hop legend getting by in England.


  • Knives, not guns

  • Music press more easily gulled

  • Less competition


With the tie-breaker, being Burial's Untrue. Threat or competition? Either way, will it give him crabs?

Have a good weekend, especially if you are laying down on the banks of the Gowanus, where there will be party music. Oh yes.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Here's A Drunk Non-Haiku For You Halloo

I've been out drinking tonight, and I have but one question/non-haiku for you all.

What is The Gate doing right that the Union Hall has been doing wrong? Apart from not having anything to do with Gothamist, obviously.

Speaking of reasons for pushing your own truck over, here's the Times on Park Slope. Happy Sunday.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Reconnecting With An Inner Child

It's been the best part of three weeks. There are reasons for that, some of them satisfactory. Ya know, primaries, job interviews, work, new employees, the Gin Blossoms, severe anger at more successful contemporaries, gestational periods. That sort of thing.

Here's what I noticed this week. Bill Clinton and Father Jack Hackett are converging