Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Best. Excuse. For. Not. Posting. Ever

Apologies for the gap between posts. I was going to come back all insouciantly and post something deep about penitentiaries. But after a conversation with a wise semi-retired mp3 blogger I decided against it. I became a Dad some ten days ago, and the little chap is doing well, though he is rather time-consuming.

His name, should you care, and translated into fake blog style, is Federico Johan N. Corp. He was born in, er, Manhattan. For, er, medical reasons. The first name was indeed enough to get me a free PBR from Matt at Freddy's.

I plan on maintaining a posting volume somewhere between Dope On The Slope and Dooce, and to maintain a quality somewhere far below them. With better tunes.

The Make Up - "We're Having A Baby"
Buy "I Want Some" direct from the label. Spend what you save on A&D lotion

(Pic courtesy of Metal Babies. No, really)


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