Wednesday, May 20, 2009

All Hail The Doom Claw

I've been somewhat busy with offline activities of late, or at least activities that don't require the use of this internet persona. It would be remiss of me not to big up the new Sunn O)) album. However, I have yet to acquire the album, at least a physical copy, and have also yet to listen to it.

I was very close to doing so last night, and was all set to take advantage of Mrs. Cutesome's absence last night slurping ramen. So, I gently warmed up with a listen to the Earth 3: Thrones & Dominions. By the time this was finished and I had cued up the aforementioned "Monoliths & Dimensions" my lovely wife had returned, and she has very little patience for drone metal, even played at polite volumes at barbecues, as Miguel attempted the other day with Domkirke.

I'm off to the old country for a few days, with little access to high-end audio equipment capable of the volumes that drone metal requires (a blown pair of Mission 760i speakers and a 30-year old pioneer amp with rusty innards will not do the work). So I will have to wait for a while, and possibly save my cash for the inevitable deluxe vinyl pressing. Vinyl fans really are the last readily exploitable niche in music.

But while looking for Sunn O)))-related content I stumbled upon this weird internet meme being spread by self-described rock music and pop culture website The Quietus - the Doom Claw. It was moderately funny for a while, and then it was applied to top British Islamic extremist Abu Hamza, and it got very funny.

But needless to day, doom metal, if not for the spurious economic reasons advanced by New York Magazine, is gaining strength. All hail!


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