Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Ah, It's Tasti with an "I"

So, plenty of cops with helmets and big brown sticks, and a phalanx (always wanted to say that in a way that was close to its proper meaning) of scooters to the SE of Union Sq, with NBC, ABC and Noticias 41 news trucks far from the action on the NE. Down South, everyone mostly giving each other leaflets, or selling those Ban Bush t-Shiirts. Noble exceptions, the African-american gentleman holding, large, professionally-done "Love Jesus and George Bush" signs and getting shouted at ("Sick, sick, sick", I think they settled on), and the Falun Gong people, holding a quiet, effective, dignified protest that had nothing to do with the business at hand.

The Anarchist Scum From The Midwest That Don't Understand That Hating Republicans Isn't The Same As Hating Property people are late coming up from downtown...