Monday, August 30, 2004

Eat My Post

"I'm goin' back to New York City, well I do believe I've had enough."

Mr. Dylan, of course, was bang on the money. The threatened chaos has yet to occur, as the New York Times apparently concedes. NY1 found a flaming dragon, and the arrival of El Presidente may ratchet it up, but the horse-mauling black-clad fiends seem to have stayed in Nebraska, or whatever

Anyway, back in Park Slope, the residents of the area seemed to have had a grand old time at the protests, if the crowd at the quite lovely Convivium is to be believed. But one of them does not seem to have been able to vent sufficient steam at the Bush-child. He decided to get rather huffy at the scatty, but pleasant, staff for making him wait too near the door. After a heated altercation, he stormed off claiming that he would ruin the restaurant's reputation on the Internet, including the AOL forum, among others. The owner, rather sensibly, laughed in his face.

The man claims to live round the corner, and said "you lose". Well Gringcorp is also in the hood, and waiting for your posts, Mr. blowhard.


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