Tuesday, August 31, 2004

The Strokes They Know Nothing

Lord love a duck, you've got to love the New York City cops, who are singularly failing to go crazy-eight bonkers on protestor heads. Video-nastying, yes, as Slate's Bryan Curtis notes, but videos have been used against students in the UK, and everyone seemed to get over it, including a few people now working as civil servants.

We had the opportunity to amble past a sort of rapid response unit - a few vans parked in Union Square ready to respond to trouble - last night. And it felt very cool when some of them went haring off and there were helicopters overhead - super-apocalyptic when things looked like being too gentle. We also appreciated the blimp flying overhead Sunday.

So, barring anything further we will file this under Gringcorp-paranoia, and move on to the most elegant way people can draw attention to ultra-right crazies wrapping their platform in a 9/11 cloak.


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