Thursday, August 12, 2004

Don't Greeve For Me...

Jim McGreevey is apparently set to resign as governor of New Jersey, following accusations from an aide that involve sexual misconduct (very legal-friendly, non?). This doesn't involve corrpution allegations, although Jimbo has been surrounded by some very dodgy characters. So much so, that the Times once ran a feature noting that it was trying its hardest to recover a mantle that Rowland's Connecticut seemed in danger of taking.

While in recent months we have only occasionally seen ads exhorting tourists and biotech firms to come to Jersey, we still remember Jim's demented TV ads which saw him spewing insane stream-of-consciousness chatter at a camera located in the passenger seat of his car. He made that hack Pataki look like a corpse, and we loved him for it, even though, as disscussed below, we can't vote, and if we could we would be devoting our energies to bringing down Clarence Norman's Brooklyn Democratic machine. But it's a shame to see such a genuinely wired pol come apart in a miasma of crookedness and touched bottoms.


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