Thursday, September 09, 2004

A Poor Lie

We would like to pretend, as Kos so primly does, that we would rather not be hearing oodles of Bush cocaine and service-dodging rumors, but that the Republicans dragged discourse down. Screw that, we want the filth, after several years of seeing liberals dragged through the mud. Tell me, fellow lefters, if it was not good to see the Daily News leading with the military record fibs, rather than the rain that paralysed our previously inveencibol subway system? Go on, you love it, you slags.

It's also time to get something off our chest about NY1, which has been running this series of pointless and jarring Golf Reports, largely at the behest of advertiser Callaway Golf, as far as we can tell. As someone with a reasonable familiarity with paying to publish, we can say it works best when the content is wanted. This is the latest sign of complacency from a channel that decided that a traffic update and broadcasting from inside Madison Square Garden was a better way to serve New Yorkers than to discuss what was going on outside in the city. Why was the Village Voice a better source on the demonstrations? Still, we do like that nice Canadian boy, Pat, wherever he broadcasts.


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