Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Here, There Is Only Tranquility

Sorry, kids, been a while, but Gringcorp was busy on the day job. Nice that the Republicans are gone, not so nice that it's actually got harder to get a cab in Midtown. We were mostly barbequeing at Le Weekend, although we tried to make it to the Warm Up at PS1, featuring Derrick may and Francois K. As might be expected, since we arrived at 4.30, the museum had queues round three sides of the block. So we went to the Isamu Noguchi Garden Museum, and damn was it good. We had chanced upon the collection when it was squatting on a floor of the African art museum further east in Queens, and it looked rather ropey, to be honest. Now, however we are assaulted by gorgeous lighting, perfect settings, sound effects, and cinderblock rooms full of polished stones. All this, plus a very pleasant garden, with the best thought-out tree placements we have ever seen, and Gringcorp has hung with professional foresters.

We did go to the West Indian Day Parade, but didn't see any trouble (quick, unrelated, question, where do all the Hasids go during this?), had some jerk chicken and goat roti, and went home. No pictures, but at least four memories. Coming up later, an only marginally useful review of the weekend's British papers.


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