Friday, October 08, 2004

Masters of Whimsy

Ah, bless. Adorable kittens descend on MSG for the annual cat show. The highlight, two cloned tabby kittens named after Middle Eastern foods. The cloner? Genetic Savings & Clone. Even the Times knew that was horrible.

Talking of Middle Eastern cuteness, Chalabi has his last laugh on the oil-for-food front. Partly because the targets are located on the wrong side of the Atlantic, the US press is not looking at who's been named in the Iraq Survey Group deviation into the UN programme. Their inattention is also down to the fact that all the US names have been blacked out. George Galloway, as the Guardian notes, is already pursuing a libel action aginst the Telegraph for relying on dodgy documents that accused him of taking money from Sadaam. And Marshall suggests that Chalabi might have a hand in the oil documents.

The other interesting thing the Guardian notes is that UK civil servants expressly asked that Galloway's name not be blacked out, even though the US was prepared to extend the favor to a UK citizen. Now that's just plain vindictive. Best to concentrate on the lovely kittens, non?


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