Friday, October 08, 2004

A Night On Dan Mountain

According to Knight Ridder, young people are turned off by their favorite "pop" artists being "too political", like some gang of barely pubescent Dan Aquillantes.

All this "why can't you be good and brainless like that nice Britney Spears girl, or like we assumed the Dixie Chicks used to be?" from The Kids in Chapel Hill, NC, the home of Superchunk, for shame. Anyway, we're not going to single out too many of the quotes except for this talking point from Shawn Wilson, who bills himself as "the world's biggest Hootie And The Blowfish expert":

"A lot of musicians bash the current administration rather than forwarding a specific agenda".

Nicely nuanced take on the "how will you fix my mess" Bush subtext. We were lying about the Hootie thing, by the way. Next up:

"Top 100 (songs) are big on campus, but nobody probably pays attention to politics in them," said Courtney Richardson, 20, a geography major.

Well, you're missing out on the higher level of cultural awareness attained by Mr. Wilson, for a start, young Courtney.

From this we can probably infer that the childs of UNC are probably more concerned with where their next drink or sexual conquest is coming from than some stupendously asinine questions from one Adam Smeltz.


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