Sunday, December 26, 2004

A New Year's Message From Kirton Lindsey

Not our real location, obviously. Close enough to the blasted fells of the Lincolnshire wolds to conjure up the right imagery for those in the know. We spent a few days in London, working the day job, pondering the wicked ways of nannies and trying to conceive of London's pretensions to world city status, and hosting the Olympics, and shuddering.

Now we're cold and Bronte-esque, stuck on the edge of the wolds and looking to escape the attentions of our older relatives. Or for Edgar Allen Poe to imagine a suitable calamity. We're easy. We did get the presents, as well as "the presence" but both Star Wars viewing and the new wireless will wait for our return stateside. Same goes for hyperlinks, you little tinkers. It's not like we've read the Times much, anyway.

So Happy Boxing Day, and expect a slew of ill-informed consumer reviews in a few days time.

Blog ya later.


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