Monday, January 24, 2005

Bad, Limey! Bad!

Yes, we spelled "Sag Harbor" the Anglicized (i.e wrong) way. Shoot us, as and when we venture into the DMZ that is Suffolk County. Without our lawyer. Spelling "Junta" wrong was on purpose, although since the keys are next to each other, and knowing that the Gumby Fresh typing record is nothing less than appalling, we'd understand if you wouldn't believe us.

We don't have much going through our head right now, so we'll leave you with this. Why the hell is the bookend the last refuge of unmitigated kitsch? Where are the designers? Why do shelves always have to fit exactly?

It is a mystery, along with the Observer opinion crew's belief that Bush's "freedom, it's all about the freedom" ravings can be taken at face value. Look people, he said it because he didn't have anything else pleasant to talk about...


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