Thursday, January 13, 2005

Springtime For Witless

Well, well, well, and we thought brainless fascist sympathising among the royal family was good and dead. But no, and right now in heaven Edward VIII, later Duke of Windsor is currently raving it up, maybe accompanied by Diana Mitford on vibes.

We have long maintained that it is rather peculiar to be formally a "subject" of such an imbecilic and inbred gang of sloanes. And then Prince Harry thinks it might make him look hugely dapper to show up at a fancy-dress party dressed up as a high-ranking member of the Afrika Korps. Some people say that in the circumstances we should be grateful that the little twerp can stand up straight. Not us. The third in line to the throne is so ignorant, or maybe high, that he can't work out how appalling it looks.

Fortunately spreading hate against royals is never taboo. Cast them into the gutter, we say. Or send them down the mines.


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