Thursday, January 20, 2005

Cruising the A-Fitteen

Not a great headline, we'll grant you, but the The Sun had already pinched "Straight Outta Scunthorpe". Seems that North Lincolnshire, homeland of the Gringcorp tribe, may be, er, Usher-ing forth a soul superstar.

The mighty Scunthorpe Evening Telegraph reports that one Grant Harvey, formerly a chicken processor, working not far from the A15, has been taken under the bullet-riddled wing of 50-Cent. You see, the pun was worth it!

Apparently his new group Tiida (named after a short-lived Nissan model) are the first signings to the G-Unit Soul label, after impressing Eminem with their inability to use a Tec 9. Eminem has indeed found someone with less of an innate claim on hip-hop's culture than himself, unless he has a 120-pound white kid from Bangor, Maine stuffed up his sleeves somewhere. We wish Grant, and G-Unit Soul (which currently lacks a web presence) all the best. But we will remember this line:

Grant added, one of his main aims was to maintain his roots in North Lincolnshire

That's right, Grant, never forget you're from the lanes, never forget where you grew up, never forget that there's a land where herby sausages run free. You never know when you might need to come back.


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