Monday, January 10, 2005

Hand Gesture Across the Ocean

We'll have to break one of our own rules here, if only to discuss a recent post from the The Poor Man, a recent left-wing blog darling, advising that we start calling rightwing bloviiators "wankers", in reference to the English word for someone overly fond of onanism and self-abuse. We have a Canadian associate that says that it can also refer to the type of heavy metal that is overly reliant upon artistry and tricksy solos. But he likes the Tragically Hip, so we shall discard that definition right now.

We'll ignore the "maybe we shouldn't use it because it's English, oh hang on the Scots and Austalians use it, so it's alright" argument, and have already commented under the post about the irritation its adoption causes to a Brit trying to commit some surreptitious swearing in public. What we would like to gently suggest is that "wanker" is considered a very childish and ill-thought out epithet to hurl at one's opponent. "Wingnut" and "F***tard" are much more imaginative, in their own little ways.

While we're on the subject of feisty left-wing bloggers, we'd like to call out the Rude Pundit for stealing our sh*t on the subject of death squads. Although we will admit he was a tad more thorough. And timely. And was unlikely to have been a regular reader of the Dean of Limeyblogging.


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