Friday, May 06, 2005

Bell Book And Mandal

You see that headline? It means nothing. We're surprisingly undrunk after our stint at Houston's only trendy restaurant. But we're still pleased as punch. Blair realises that he needs to behave, Howard that he can hang around a while, and Kennedy that he should drink less than Gringcorp.

But, and this is all as of checking in on the BBC, nowhere near enough has changed. And this is a largely awesome development, since it leaves us free to invest spurious emotional energy in the US midterms.

Quick note here - we don't like the fact that Galloway got in. We think it's almost as cynical a victory as anything the Republicans achieved. Socialists and Islamists on the same team? Go for it, just don't pretend it makes sense.

Sweet dreams, limeyblog-groupies.


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