Friday, June 24, 2005

The Cab Coral

The Cab Coral
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It is universally considered to be a sod trying to catch a cab at rush hour in London, and any attempts to alleviate this situation with incentives have worked about as well as might be expected for an incentive directed at an industry with a rigid and static supply of participants.

Some people think it's absolutely awesome to have taxis run by a small band of knowledgable white cockneys. It is true that as a result no tourist has ever been driven to Inverness by accident, and that racists spend less time and money driving into London themselves.

So why on earth, if we can't hail cabs easily, and have to go straight from the official cabs to frightening gypsy drivers with no slightly inept middle ground, are drivers allowed to swan around servicing corporate accounts. Are there no minicab (car service) firms that can do this?

So Deloittes, we'd like to thank you for tying up so many of these well-trained reactionaries outside your office at peak hours. We'd stop using your accounting services, but we already did, with rather mixed results.


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