Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Love Gun Salute

This could get boring quite quickly, but we have decided, in honour of top pimptastic anonymous source Mark Felt, to steal an 80's mugshot of him and use it as our profile. It's what he would have wanted, right, Hoover-disciple and hippie-burglar? The reason, quite simply, is that All The President's Men is our favourite film ever. The sight of Hal Holbrook, who played Big Daddy Felt, screaming "morality! it's about morality!" at NY1's cameras, brought it all back.

Light posting, children, remember, but we should draw your attention to the rally that Develop Don't Destroy is holding next week. They are still protesting the revolting stadium that the mayor wants to dump all over the neighbourhood. We'll be away, but do urge you to go, if you are in town. There will be evil Bruce Ratner clowns and pie.


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