Saturday, June 18, 2005

Tonight We Rock Broughton Vale

And you're gonna see some breaking, and some scratching, and some breaking, and some more scratching. If you thought tht was an impeccable Freestylers reference you'd be only on this occasion wrong. Because here in North Lincolnshire there will be found only Rampaging Animals, and no B-Boys whatsoever. Gringcorp is back in the bosom of his birth-givers, but has decided to spare you the pitchahs of ordinary country folks with pitchforks (the real, non-snark ones) and strangely blank stares.

Since we have slept for 14 hours, and only read a teensy bit of the Actual Print Guardian, we don't have a huge amount to talk about. So we will wish you the best of the Meadowlands-induced fog if you are in NYC, and the best of the EU-induced poverty, if you are a Colonel Pooter-esque figure living in London, and amble off for another nap.

Last note - Trent Reznor's manager must have left him worse off than we thought. Nine Inch Nails are now charging people $30 a year for the right to maybe get advance show tickets. We're sure it'll discourage a few of the eBay trolls, but still seems a bit steep given how unlikely one is to get access to the good stuff.


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