Friday, July 08, 2005

Ninjuno Nuggets

Been meaning to work that word, "Ninjuno", into a post for a while, since it's our contrived expresssion for the week. Still very angry about the bombs, but we think it 's be time to check out some ephemera instead:
  • Everyone's favorite hep-bogger, caught on camera at the ballpark. For those of you with Tivo, and without the Secret Identity, look out for the one wearing a patented "Riley Monkey" outfit. Charming.

  • Cutesome has been luring us in front of the telly using WILES, before turning on this ghastly yet strangely compeling show called Kept, whereby Jerry Hall achieves several long-held objectives: to score a boy toy, to prove that her terrible English accent KICKS THE ASS of the terrible English accents of Madonna and Dick Van Dyke, and to provide gainful employment for faded rockstars and their girlfriends. This week's episode featured a polo instructor called Tarquin Southwell (AWESOME!) and Pete Townshend of The Who. Pete's presence was a tad jarring, since we had assumed he was still lying low after the porn episode.

  • Finally, this sentence from The Beeb's aftermath coverage caught our attention:
    "In the London bombings forensics will be crucial, says Gloria Laycock, director at the Jill Dando Institute of Crime Science."

    We had no idea that Jill Dando, a fragrant crime reporter with passing facial similarities to Princess Diana who was randomly killed in 1999, had inspired her own institute. But apparently it does, with digs at University College London, and its own professor. Whch is baffling, one of those details that reminds us that we're never as plugged in to the homeland as we think.

On with the day job, our condolences to those of you who weren't as fortunate to escape loss in the bombings as we were, and have a rocking weekend.


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